Albergue Fuente Agria


Rural Hostel Fuente Agria is situated in Fuente Agria de Villafranca de Córdoba site (25 km from the city of Córdoba/) in the Upper Guadalquivir region and in the heart of Sierra Morena mountains. At the gates to the hostel, Fuente Agria Periurban Park can be found: an 80 public hectares recreational area equipped with tables, barbecues, playground and toilet facilities. Great for walking, running, riding bicycles, reading, taking photographs of the surroundings or even painting pictures, etc.

The hostel has 51 beds distributed in 8 rooms in the ground floor four seats each, and a room for groups in the top floor with a capacity for up to 19 people.
Apart from its top location, the hostel offers a swimming-pool, an organic vegetable garden, a restaurant and an all-purposes room for meetings, courses, workshops or games of 40 square meters, as well as terraces and a levelled area for events and celebrations.

Restaurant/ El Mesón del Albergue (Hostel´s Inn). A point of reference in the area because of its quality, price and service options, addressed not only to the hostel´s guests but to anyone who wants to taste a wide range of seasonal dishes.
Inn´s cuisine is cooked using local products and the ones we grow in our organic vegetable garden with due respect to local knowledge, tradition and culture, encouraging the items that are produced in the area.
The hostel´s dining room has a capacity for up to 45 people and is fully air-conditioned with hot and cold units.
The hostel is the right place for business meals, celebrations and meetings with friends.
To arrange special celebrations, working meals or events of any kind, you can contact us only by clicking the tab “Contacto” of our website main menu.

Rural Hostel Fuente Agria: A responsible tourism project of solidarity.

The hostel is a CIC Batá project, which contributes to a number of social action plans undertaken by the organization related to employment, social intervention and international cooperation through labor and educational projects and international development aid schemes.