2.- Guadalquivir river, an ecosystem for discovering by foot or on canoe.


From the entrance to the town of Villafranca de Córdoba, Guadalquivir river constitutes a natural resource endowed with multiple possibilities (nature photography, hiking, kayak or canoeing, etc.). White poplars, black poplars, elms, willows and ashes get mixed with tamarisks, cat´s-tails, giant reeds and osiers (they were used, a long time ago,in the making of baskets and wickerwork), giving shelter to a multitude of species like gray herons, purple herons, a great variety of duck species, little bitterns, purple swamphens, otters, freshwater turtles, barbels, carps, boops boops, perches, etc. Numerous reservoirs regulate its river bed. In those reservoirs you can practice activities like kayak or canoeing, angling or fly-fishing, sailing and of course having a bath but, most of all ,enjoying nature.

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