4.- Taste the gastronomy of Upper Guadalquivir


Rural Hostel Fuente Agria´s menu is regularly updated, suggesting seasonal dishes, delicious samples of the regional cuisine.

Cordovan Upper Guadalquivir is an enormously rich agricultural area. The product par excellence is the olive oil. The varieties Nevadillo Negro (indigenous to the area) and Picual are the most representative.

The fertile soils from la Vega (lowland) del Guadalquivir provide delicious vegetables to the local gastronomy: garlic, cereals, legumes, etc. Casseroles and stews represents an excellent gastronomic achievement, without forgetting dishes like salmorejo serrano(cold tomato cream), ajoarriero (cod stew with garlic and pepper), milk-caps scrambled, whose production involves wild vegetables (wild asparagus, oyster thistle, common sorrel and milk-caps) that are harvested in the area.

The Iberian pig, raised in the vast pastures of the zone, and game meat are specific products of the region. Cured meat and pork sausages, cured local ham, stews and grilled meat are examples of the wide variety available.

Confectionery is linked to religious celebrations, such as Lent and Christmas, and popular festivals, such as Carnival. Honey and pine nuts become the protagonists.

The gastronomy of the area is part of the Cordovan and Andalusian cuisine, therefore we´ll find remarkable and representative examples: gazpachos (cold tomato soup with or without almonds), salmorejo cordobés (cold tomato cream), flamenquín (deep-fried roll consisting of slices of Iberian ham wrapped in pieces of pork loin, coated with egg and breadcrumbs), rabo de toro (Spanish bull tail stew), perol cordobés (rice with meat and vegetables), chicken and rabbit with garlic, fried aubergines in honey, pickled and marinated fish, cheeses and much more besides.